FITA Press Release 23 February 2022
May 9, 2022
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Kicking the Habit

Weird and creative ways of kicking the habit or switch to cheap cigarette

I’ve been personally smoking for over 20 years now. I’ve given up the habit and picked up the habit again and again and smoked cheap cigarette most of the time. Throughout this journey, I’ve heard many different and weird ways of quitting. Here’s my compilation of the 5 most ridiculous methods of quitting:

  1. Get your teeth cleaned – spending a small fortune on your Hollywood smile will make you regret staining them again
  2. Become pregnant – most people go on the guilt trip whilst pregnant and kick the habit during this period. This method will probably end up with a lot of pikaninees running all over the place
  3. Whenever you have a craving for a cigarette eat a sweet. Did you know that diabetes is even more deadly than any smoking related disease?
  4. Light something else – if you must light up then light something else. Won’t take you long to become a qualified arsonist.
  5. Drink baking soda – Someone once mixed baking soda and water and drank it. This killed her desire to smoke. Most probably would have killed her as well.

We at Folha Manufacturers and Westleigh promote a healthy lifestyle and responsible smoking. However, if you’ve tried everything possible to give up smoking but you still can’t kick the habit then try one of our affordable brands. The cheap cigarette will save you money which can be used on other useful items like groceries.

When lighting up a Westleigh you will find it brings you more satisfaction. We have achieved this through our own unique and secretly blended flavour. Smoking Westleigh can save you alot of money; This money can help you buy other necessities needed for the house.

So, next time you think of purchasing a pack of ridiculously expensive cigarettes, stop and think Westleigh.